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                                                      Orffyreus International School of Arts

Orffyreus exhibited his perpetual motion machines at various towns of Germany- Gera (1712), Draschwitz (1714), Merseburg ( 1716) and Kassel (at Castle of Weissenstein) ( 1717). For the rest of his life, he tried hard to settle negotiations to sell his machine until he died.  He happily allowed the most stringent tests to be carried out to determine authenticity of his wheels. All evidence faithfully recorded by learned man shows that no sign of fraud was ever discovered.  He did everything without ever having revealed his secret.  Since he wanted a reward of 100000 Thalers for his invention, he never disclosed the secret to any one except Count Karl. People took him to be a greedy person but it was not the case.  By this money, he wanted to fulfill his dream of running his institute called "Fortress Of God", a Christianity-based, international school of arts and engineering where mechanical arts would be taught for the benefit of the students.

Though Orffyreus could not fulfill his dream of founding "Fortress of God",  he has left a great task to be completed by the students who feel inspired by his philosophy and works.